Monday, July 30, 2007

Well Lookie Here!

I got my Scrapbook Graphics newsletter with an August Desktop Challenge that I decided to do. Here is what I did for my first desktop calendar of my own! Thank you to Amy Tanebaum for her Homespun kit, Christina Renee for her Lil Fan Fair elements and piled high pictures and, of course, Carla Gibson's stitches from the Cheery O's Sugar and Spice August collab kit.

Calm Down!

Ronee's newsletter {sign up via her blog} was already promising, but now she's added this new kit to go along with it- Calm. It's stunning. I had to use it as soon as I saw it. All the elements, except the alpha come from the kit. (the alpha is Houdini also from Ronee)
Short and sweet. Much to be done in my non digi life.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sketch Challenge

I saw this layout by Marnell in the DST gallery and loved it. I told her in the comments that I was going to be scraplifting it. She was kind enough to let me know I didn't have to lift it, the sketch came from Digi Scrap Divas and was mine for the taking, using, and getting a cool kit. Hmmm. I got the sketch last night and after a look see through Picasa, I decided to use the cute pics I had from Bella's cheerleading camp to fill the photo spots and voila!
Okay, I noticed that I left one side blank so I went in and tore the edge with Steph's paper tear. (I loathe having PS7 so I use as many shortcuts as possible) Sarah (who put a new commerical use set in the gallery today!) who I just can't get enough of and my favorite Bohemian Butterfly kit, the background paper. The black and white papers are from a Moulin Rouge freebie I found but the preview doesn't have the designer's name. The white and black paper is from Shelle Pukas and the DST Welcome Wagon Kit then what is becoming my trademark, Lemonaid Lucy's glitter swirls. (I loved how they mirrored the circles in the layout)

Monday, July 23, 2007


I've been working on the pictures of vacation and the first ones I'm working with are the ones of my niece and nephews.

I wanted to color this picture and use it somehow but wasn't sure took a LOT of playing, I think I had something like 52 layers but in the end simple was best. The background paper is Ronee Parsons Peaceful Rebellion recolored, paper piece, staples, and glitter are Christina Renee Lil Fan Fair, and the stitches are from the Pink Cat Studio. I love the stitches so much, they made all the difference in the lo, that I wrote 'em up on the Pink Cat blog and included a challenge. Go play!

My problem with busy was that I had another picture in my head, one that I knew I wanted to be busy but I wasn't making the disconnect. Finally I did and put my busy where it this layout.

There is so much Princess Lala in here, it's not even funny. The trademark swirls, especially the sun from her Funky Skys elements, were just perfect. The paper is Funky Fairy Tales: The Prince and the Princess and the journaling is done with a Kraft Journaling Block. If you can believe it the Prince and Princess kit is $2 right now. RUN, don't walk folks! The additional glitter was provided by another Divine Designer, Lemonaid Lucy. (she's got a great newsprint alpha that I've got my eye on.....)

I think I'm gonna have to take it a bit slow the next couple of weeks- Bella's birthday is tomorrow followed by her daddy's, then Sawyer's on August 3. That means not only celebrations, but doctor's appointments, pictures, and back to school shopping. Ryan wants to throw a camping trip in there as well but I don't know when we'll have the time.

OH! And, I had mentioned Ronee's newsletter...if you want to sign up, email so we can get you on the list!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


You all know that Sawyer is on the autism spectrum. Please vote to help Autism Speaks recieve more money for research.

Friday, July 20, 2007

For John

In honor of John Mayer being on Good Morning America, and because I'm so busy, I decided to put up a lo of him from my archives. All credit goes to Little Dreamer Designs. Only 2 more weeks until I get to see John again. This time second row instead of 10.
I have a bunch of pictures from vacation that I am dying to put into lo's but there aren't enough hours in the day, not to mention that I'm hard at work on Ronee's premier newsletter. I'll give you the link when you can sign up for it- you'll want to, it's gonna be GREAT. (I'm saying that because I have the draft of it at my disposal, not just because I'm the newsletter coordinator!)
We've also been busy getting settled back in and ready for school. Bella had her kindergarten assessment yesterday. She went off with a teacher, came back and told me she did great! I asked her if she did so well they might put her in first grade- her reply? Hand on hip, looking up with her best "well duh" look and said "maybe". Yes, she's a mess. In other news, Sawyer got a turtle yesterday as well. He is fascinated with turtles and has been wanting one. I had considered getting him one when we got home and then one showed up on Freecycle. So we got the turtle, the tank, the pumps, the food, the lamp- the whole set up really, for FREE! He's thrilled. (and I think we're going to spend more money on soap from the kids washing their hands after touching the turtle and/or his things than we will on food for the little guy)

Monday, July 16, 2007

I Don't Get Camping

Last fall I had what could best be described as a horrible camping experience. My sister in law decided she wanted to do some camping while she is in Michigan and since we're here too, we went as a family. The tent campers next to us (we recovered our pop up trailer from our cottage) only had fire as a way to cook so they pretty much had a fire going all day. The smoke from it bothered me and then got worse- it climbed into my sinuses and has me miserable. As I looked through the back window of my in-laws HUGE travel trailer, I was reminded of their winter home in Florida. The view from their patio there is much the same as the picture window on the back of the trailer including twin recliners and decorative lamp in between. (not to sound like Carrie Bradshaw but...) It got me thinking, why do people go camping anyway? In the mid 1900's when people lived on postage stamp sized lots in industrial areas, okay, I can get that. But, let's see, here are the reasons to go camping and why they're negated now days...

To get back to nature. I've got a great back yard full of nature.
To spend time with family. Between soccer and whatever it is Bella is involved in plus any other activities around town, we spend plenty of time as a family.
To be with friends. If I want my friends around, I'll invite them over.

And, at the end of the day, it won't take 2-4 times though the wash to get the smoke and dirt out of your clothes, you won't need 2-4 showers to get the dirt and smoke off you, you don't have to eat food that is 1/2 burned, 1/4 raw, and 1/4 cooked right, you get a decent shower, and a good night's sleep in your own bed without people walking and talking in and around your campsite.

Call me cynical, but I have a beautiful patio that I love to sit on and enjoy my kids playing in the yard, cooking a nice meal on the grill, then having the kids and/or friends join us on. I don't need to pack the essentials into a suitcase to cram into 100 square feet to go do it.

The other thing was that my kids played at the playground or Sawyer rode his bike leaving me with not much to do. I don't know, maybe I just don't know how to slow down and relax. I'm so used to having 100 things to do and 1/2 hour to do them.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On Vacay

This morning we're sitting around having what looks like a pretty typical day at home- only we're not at home, we're 800 miles away at our cottage in Michigan. While I have internet connection, it's slower than my speed at home and I'm "only" on my laptop so creating anything would be done using my mousepad which I don't like. So, instead of creating over coffee and a protein bar, I'm checking the digi shop talk forums, specifically stuff about Traci Reed's Trash the Dress session. (I'm actually thinking about going to get a dress when I get home and having this done- it would be so much fun!)

I'm doing a lot of reading on vacay. I love reading but with 2 very small children underfoot, I have spent the last 7 years following them, making sure they mind their manners, and pick up after themselves- if they don't, I have to. When the day is done, any attempts to read lead to sleep which is why I have books that I've meant to read for years but haven't. I even joined a book club with aspirations of reading more- I mean, it's one book a month, who can't do that? The mother of 2 very small children, that's who.

I am feeling like I'm neglecting my designers. I let Laura White/Princess Lala know I'm on vacation and she is cool with it. Melanie Chenowyth is a relaxed CT to begin with. And I'm still in contact with Ronee and we're working on stuff. So, really I'm not being irresponsible, but it sure feels like it.

Then again, I realize how fortunate we are to have a cottage to go to (though it is on the market) to be with family and friends in the best part of the Michigan year. We went to the Dairy Bar, the major food place in town last night and hung out around the greenspace where the kids played with other kids. (a major thing for Sawyer...impromptu social situations are not a typical comfort zone for autistic kiddoes) It's good, necessary even, to have a time to slow down and do different things. I could do it on a better bed, that's for sure! (we're sleeping on our air mattress)

Happy 4th. Celebrate and enjoy your independence.