Thursday, September 27, 2007

October Calendar is Ready

I'm trying to be prepared like the good little Girl Scout that I am. Doing a desktop calendar is great as far as having something personal and useful on my screen, but I'm going to have to start celebrating holidays a month early! Sawyer has his Teenage Mutant Ninja costume since he wore it last year, but Bella's going to be a witch and, of course, I don't have any pictures of her as a witch. (a total brat, yes, but a witch, no!) It's okay though. Ryan and I went to a costume ball last weekend so we got a shot of us in our costumes and for the rest, I went back to Halloween a few years ago when we went to Michigan to carve pumpkins with my sister and her family as well as my mom. Why Bella insisted on biting the top of the pumpkin, I'll never know, but I'll never forget either!

In other scrapbook related news, I'm one of the scrapbook moms for Bella's class. I got the job when the teacher sent home a request for scrapbook paper and stickers. Hurrah! A chance to clean out! I got all the bundled pages that I wouldn't use, but kept my Basic Grey, SEI, and the like for my altered projects or pages that have to be done physically. When they realized I know what I'm doing (*blush*) I was "hired". My first day on duty was Friday and, well, they scrapbooked. The teacher printed out pictures of them and the police officer that came to visit. Each kid had about 6 pictures so we let them make 2 pages. Of course, no one wanted the paper they picked out after they saw someone else's paper. I went in telling myself these will be their creations and my job is to dole out stickers, die cuts, paper, glue, etc. Yeah, well, that was until Bella saw a page with a castle on it and decided she needed a castle on her page. Pink page and she used pink cardstock- same shades. Yeah, I just couldn't let it go. "Here Sissy! Why don't we use this purple ink around the edges to give it some dimensi....make it stand out against the paper." I tried really hard, really I did. The good news is that the other scrapbook mom was proud of what she learned from me (how to layer pictures so you can fit 3 on a page without featuring the police officers crotch for instance) and might be a new convert!

Monday, September 17, 2007

$4 Scrapbook Frames

This week at Michaels they are selling their 12x12 black metal scrapbook frames for $4!!! I got 4 that I hung in a square in my foyer! They look awesome. I am excited to print out my digi designs in the upcoming seasons- they'll lay really nicely in the frames!

Run, don't walk to get yours! Show off your passion!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Today's Layout

This one is truly a today's layout. Bella is at school with this hairstyle right now. But it was so funny and we were so excited about it (even Sawyer was counting down the days 'til Horrible Hair day) that I wanted to get it done NOW!
Sande Kreiger for 2 Peas painted frame and word art, Lemonaid Lucy glitter, (of course!!) Pink Cat staples and diamonds, Bren Boone tiara, (because with hair and a face like that, the only thing missing was the tiara!) Kirstie Wiseman Rosy Apple Ripple paper, and Sara Carling Amelie alpha.

Monday, September 3, 2007

September 07

I love the desktop calendar thing...I forget who got me started on the desktop challenge last month but I love them now!
This month was going to be difficult since my kids went back to school last month so no apples for the teacher and it's not fall yet...then Ronee sent out the collab she did with LaWanna which is FREE (yes free!) through September 15 with a purchase. Get yours here.
I'm off to color my important dates!