Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bobbing For Apples

Okay, I admit it, this was a quick, fun, relatively easy one. It's a template by a new potential favorite, Yin. Paired with paper from the DST Birthday Glitz kit (D. Wilson), a seal from Jen Van Cauter, and a Boho Swirl from Michelle Coleman, it made a pretty good story!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Altered State

My friend, Kate Dana, introduced me to the Craft Mafia. She's part of the San Fran Famligia. I looked through the famligia and ended up at Etsy, a store for home crafters. I love the acrylic pendants that people are making with 50's motifs. I am amused by the ads that make being home to cook and clean for a hard working husband while watching the children seem so fufulling. We've certainly evolved from that. Don't get me wrong, I love being home with my kiddoes, but honestly, hubby drops trou in the bathroom and he can take them to the laundry hamper if not do a load of laundry that includes clothes from the children that WE have together. I got to thining about what I could to to mimick the idea and it came to me, altered counter chips. You know, the tile things you get at home improvement stores. It was a half day for the kids so we took a tour around Home Depot (I live in Atlanta, of course it was Home Depot!) and picked up some tiles while picking up paint chips for my son's room.

Tonight I did a batch of them trying to keep a common theme for each chip. I think I'm going to wear them two at a time, one hanging from a loop off the other. And, as I evolve and get better, I'll start drilling holes in the bottom to add beads and such. Still, between the mod podge, both glitter and gloss, some rockettes, and ribbon later, I'm learning.
Here are 3 that I'm working on...ignore the white, especially around the rockettes, they're still drying. They are the same chips in both pictures, just reverse sides. I am giggling at the last one with the cute lovers on the front and an ad about how many a marriage was broken and marriage vow forgotten because of eye strain so be sure to get your eyes checked. HA! Really?! I have another (that didn't photograph so well) that has a couple embracing and she's holding a box of bran cereal. The hubby is looking at the cereal. On the back I'm going to put "he's in love with another bran".

Wearable art! Fun!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Love This One

I may go back and do some journaling later, but I had to get this. I heard something that sounded like raking in my back yard but I was sure neither of MY children would be raking. But, full of surprises as always, there was Sawyer making a neat pile. Of course, I grabbed my camera!

I had been purposely laying low on the Christina Renee stuff lately but decided to not lay low, but instead go all out. And, I was looking around Michele Coleman's place at Scrapbook.com and thought about how much my style has changed since she inspired me to re-consider digi creations. (then Ronee just pulled me thorough to the "dark" side!) So, this time around I used a combination of the two talented girls. It's got sweet and spice...I love it. Btw, Christina Renee might be poking her nose around here so look sharp! ;) (as always, I'm up to something!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

And Another

Whew! I'm a busy girl! This one I wanted to do and the title came to me so I did it.
Ashley Oleson gets credit for the Bent Frames and Grungy Label (which isn't really so grungy) and the rest is from *my* wonderful Sarah Grimwood and my favorite Bohemian Butterfly kit! Something about it has always said victorian carnival and this was PERFECT!

It's Been Awhile

We've been kind crazy around here. Soccer, Bella's first sleepover invitation, the fall fair, field trips, and I submitted a book proposal. So, finally I got a page done. I did this with a very heavy heart using Ronee's stuff. There's Peaceful Rebellion in here as well as the Goldfish collab she did with LaWanna. There's also some Christina Renee and a Digishoptalk alpha and glitter.

This was after a party we went to this weekend. I still had my glitter fake lashes on but my lipstick had faded, except for that one spot- ick! (dry lips) Still, my honey wanted his picture taken with me and I was happy to oblige. :) He's a good guy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Heidi Isn't the ONLY One Who's Up to Something

I admit, I've been out of the loop- a lot. I got an email today from OScraps that said Ronee Parsons is retiring from digi design for awhile. I ran to my most often overlooked CT board and sure enough, there it was in black and white...she's busy (which I knew) and has something planned. I felt kicked in the gut. I've had a few scrap crushes on a few designers but Ronee is more than that. She is not only a talented designer, but a writer and a free spirt as well. She inspires me. I do wish she would have done a collab kit with Christina Renee (Christina Ronee?) before she stepped down but when all your wishes are fufilled, then what do you have?

Alas, Ronee left a cryptic message for us to check her blog. Hmmmm. Seems Heidi Swapp needs to hook up with our mystery scrapdiva who is up to her own something. 11 days. 11 days until an Incredible Mess is made on us all. Maybe I'm a bit swept up or just over emotional but I got chills looking at it. Oh, I'm going to burst with excitement.