Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

I did this lo and tried to pull it up to reduce the size for the web but it wasn't there. I changed it around a smidge, played with it, tried a different computer, nada. Oh no! Finally tonight I edited the size in photoshop and got it to work! And it's so sweet I can't not put it up!

The whole thing is Ronee Parsons. LOOOOVE her. She's moving so she's uber busy. Go buy some stuff from her or leave her some love on her blog or at OScraps.

Les Fleurs glitter overlay, Calm ribbon, and Starstruck paper.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Total Croplift

I saw a layout in Memory Makers this month that I loved. My butterfly and hummingbird garden are in full glory so I knew what I was going to put in the scraplift.

The journaling reads "Being bored and 5 months pregnant I decided to turn the area behind the window into a butterfly and hummingbird garden. Now it is a haven for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. I love to sit on the patio in the morning watching butterflies gracefully falling while listening to the hummingbirds chittering in competition for the birdfeeders. This is my backyard paradise."

Using so many buttons allows me to use a lot of designers so here's a list of who's represented...Sarah Grimwood, (her buttons made all the difference. I was having a hard time getting some contrast. The flowered and butterflied buttons from my all time favorite kit, Bohemian Butterfly, made all the difference.) Pink Cat Studios, Jan Crowley,, and KJoi. Background paper is from a welcome kit, polka dot paper is from Ashley Oleson's Summah Breeze kit, and the card and wood turns are from KJoi. (who I found recently and love her stuff)
I have one more in me today. Bella was just too stinkin' cute this weekend and I have to get it down.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Sister

Just like the journaling says, I was watching Rachel Ray yesterday and there were twins talking about how they aren't friends mostly because one wants her own identity. I have seen a few shows with sisters who aren't close or aren't even civil to each other and I think it's so sad. I can't imagine my life without my sister. Then I found a card she gave me a couple years ago. I love her, pure and simple.

All this is Ronee Parsons Decay with the "S" from the Starstruck Rusty Alpha.

I love you Rhon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy Busy

It's been busy around the homestead. We had a birthdays party for both the kids on the same day (save time and money by doubling up on both!) which my mom came for. She was also here to keep the tradition of being here for the first day of kindergarten, the milestone Bella reached on Monday.

So, I had to get this in a layout. It's completely DST's Birthday glitz and Christina Renee's gift purdy bows, a prezzie recieved just when I needed a pick me up. I wrote and told her so and she was kind enough to write back.

After I get my fridge stocked (and coffee bean container!) I'll work on the birthdays party layouts- I promise!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fun LO

Every Monday night in the little town where our cottage is, the specialty of the night at one of the restaurants is Hot Beef. Sawyer and I joke...
"Hey Sawyer, what's the beef tonight? Steak?"
"Dunno!" {giggle}
"Well, is it roast?"
"Dunno!" {giggle}
"Is it hot dogs?! Tell me something!"
"It's hot and it's beef!" {uncontrollable laughter}
It sounds crazy, I know, so I took a picture of it and knew I had to do a layout of it.
DST {which you can't get into, I've tried all day so I won't put the link in} has a fun freebie kit for their first anniversary that fit the bill along with a little Christina Renee. (who I've heard is also having site issues so this is a cursed site layout!)
I did it "quickly" tonight while waiting for Ryan to get home as a fun, fast layout. I'm still laughing and can't wait to show it to Sawyer.