Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've Been SO Absent!

My job is keeping me more than busy. I'm so sorry guys. The economy being what it is and my time in life being that I need to do something for myself leaves less time for myself. I will learn my job and have time for myself but until then, the majority of my creative efforts are going to the magazine. I designed the March cover with a picture of Sawyer. The camp guide elements use my scrap talents as well.

Of course, I'm still doing my desk calendars. Here's February...

and for March (since I'm soooo looking forward to Spring Break)

I did spend the weekend with DST's scavenger hunt...that was frustrating and fun. I hated it until I'd figure out what I was looking for. I *met* lots of new designers and signed up for too many new sites. (i.e. I'm getting a bunch of new newsletters...)

Don't fear. I'm neglecting myself as well. I am in desperate need of a haircut which I can't coordinate between my schedule and my stylist's. I'll be back, soon, I promise. Just keep on me.

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pinktomato said...

holy schamoly - i'd just about given up on you! glad to see you back! now i'm off to see what this magazine gig is all about ;-)