Friday, March 28, 2008

Stepping Back

My boss is very supportive of balance- well, when we're not on deadline which is fine. I expect one week of my month to be hectic. But, I've noticed a hectic trend in scrapping lately too. One pic, frame, ribbons, cardboard tucked in, stitches to "hold" that down, layers of multiple pages for texture...and I've been sucked in. My friend Nicole does amazing photography and simple layouts. They're so beautiful and the message is right there. No looking to make sure you saw everything. And I'm going to take a cue from her. I'm downloading some stuff from Little Dreamer Designs Apprentice Forum Freebies now in week 4 and am going to do simple layouts. The elements in these kits are amazing. Why can't they shine? I will find 1 page, 1 or 2 elements, and a photo or two or three to create simple layouts. I'm going to strive for 4 before we leave in a week for Spring Break. That's a good goal.

How's THAT for balance?!

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pinktomato said...

i've totally blown off digi scrapping and moved back to paper - its a temporary mood swing I go thru once or twice a year. lol -