Friday, January 4, 2008


Have you heard the buzz? Over at Divine Digital, they're having a download a day each day in January! Included in this is Princess Lala herself. Okay, I admit, I haven't been using so much Princess Lala but we've had a rough few months but now it's a new year and we're all on board.

So, I did this fun layout using Princess Lala's Download a Day Paper, word art, tabs, and stitched swirl, Princess Lala Pink Sloppy Glitter Alpha and Princess Lala's Birthday Stamps (some extracted)

And now I think I'm (almost) ready to be halfway to 70...almost.


pinktomato said...

i think youve been a little absent! (no guilt - i kinda have too - coming off the holidays - is it february already??) whats the dish on the book??

I added your blog to my blog - I love your DigiLO's beautiful! I am trying harder to be more blogger friendly this year. So expect to see me regularly now on!

pinktomato said...

ok hello - still wondering where you are!